Getting Down to Business

Taylor and Natalie are coworkers who enjoy traveling together for business. When they realized they were both scheduled to fly through the same airport for connecting flights to their differing final destinations, they decided to seize the opportunity to chat and catch up in the terminal. 

The Denver-based friends are experienced travelers and know how to make the most of their trips.


“Always be nice to your flight attendants,” Taylor said. “Say hi to them on the way in, maybe buy them a snack. I’ve gotten lots of free drinks and snacks on the plane from it. Always give them a smile and say 'hey.' They appreciate it.”

For Natalie, a well-planned itinerary is the key to success while traveling.

“I get to the airport extremely early just in case something random happens,” Natalie said. “It’s always nice to have some wine or beer along the way.”

Taylor and Natalie love flying through AVL. “It’s really personal,” Taylor said. “You don’t have to worry about long security lines. They have a great little restaurant here. It’s great customer service; everyone is super sweet. It’s small, [so] you’re in and out pretty quick. It’s a great experience.”

Cruising Through AVL

Straw hat in tow, Wesley and Madison are ready for a sunny escape. The couple is flying to Fort Lauderdale for a tropical cruise around the Mexican Riviera. This adventure marks Wesley’s first-ever flying experience, so he is depending on Madison’s expertise to navigate the airport smoothly.


“Always plan early. Traffic, TSA – you never know if they are going to get something in your bookbag or not,” Madison said. “Make sure you have all of your toiletries in your checked bag or in a quart size bag.”

Madison and Wesley enjoy taking the easy way out at AVL. “It’s small,” Madison said. “I can park right outside and come right in [without having] to worry about getting a bus over here or spending two hours waiting in line at TSA. It’s in and out.”

Paws for Passengers

Hunter is headed back home to Maine after a busy semester at Brevard College. After locating his gate, he also found he had some company to help him pass the time. Samson, one of the airport’s Paws for Passengers therapy pets, was there to offer Hunter an enthusiastic greeting.

“We have 23 registered therapy dogs who volunteer here at the Asheville Regional Airport,” said Karen, Samson’s handler. “They volunteer to help mitigate travel stress or boredom or entertain people who happen to be at the airport.”

There are several things that Karen enjoys about the airport, but she thinks the therapy pets are a special touch to the AVL experience. “It’s a cool airport,” Karen said. “We have rocking chairs and wi-fi, but we also have 23 fuzzy little ambassadors who are here to make you appreciate your time while you’re at the Asheville Regional Airport.”

Hunter echoes that sentiment, explaining that it was a great part of his travel experience. “It’s really unique,” Hunter said.

“I’ve never seen a program like that. When you’re bored and you have a couple hours to waste, it’s nice when you just get to sit and pet a dog.”

Headed for the Holy Land

EJ is gearing up for the adventure of a lifetime. EJ works with a Christian outreach ministry in Brevard, and he is excited for his 15-day excursion exploring the history behind biblical texts in Israel. With an extensive packing list and a family at home, EJ understands the importance of preparation.

“I needed to look over the packing list a million times,” EJ said. “This is a trip I have been preparing for [over] the last six months, so this week has been wrapping things up.”

EJ loves his hometown airport. “I love flying in and out of Asheville Regional Airport because it is so efficient and quick,” EJ said.

“I checked my watch when I came through security and… from the time my wife dropped me off until the time I came through security took 14 minutes. That’s really awesome. It’s also 25 minutes from my house which makes it extremely convenient.”