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My guests share inspiring, uplifting and enriching travel stories. From simple experiences like discovering new customs or tasting exotic food to the more adventurous ones like scuba diving, traveling can really push your boundaries to the core. And that’s a good thing! Travel helps you appreciate who you are.

The truth is, no matter where you go, and no matter how long you’re gone, you always come home with a new outlook on life.

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FEATURED - Town Mountain
Town Mountain is an independent-minded steward of classic bluegrass, but their take on Appalachian music is infused with a modern-day feel that allows the group freedom of expression. Check out Town Mountain's newest album, New Freedom Blues.


FEATURED - Emily Rathmanner
Emily Rathmanner’s mission to build a fair trade brand with artists brought her to the Intag Region of Ecuador where she witnessed what a small group of women could do to create positive change. Emily is making change happen that she wishes to see in the world.


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