Let's Go To Cuba With Small Footprint Travels


Good News Cuba Aficionados!

Speaking of Travel is collaborating with Small Footprint Travels on a new eastern Cuba trip scheduled for February, 2020.


Discovering this special and unique part of Cuba will be a rewarding and memorable experience for you so make your plans now to come along. This will be a fun adventure! 

In this beautiful part of Cuba, time stands still. The people are friendly and the landscape is breathtaking. Cuba is a bucket-list destination and there may not be many chances in the future to travel there easily. With Small Footprint Travels, you can just show up and join us! You’re sure to have a fun time and learn so much about this incredible country.

There are many reasons to travel to eastern Cuba with Small Footprint Travels and Speaking of Travel and here are just a few:


• If you have already visited Havana, you have only seen one-half of Cuba. Santiago and the eastern side of the island is very different. It is the home of Revolutions, Rum and Santeria.

• This may be our last chance to legally visit Cuba before there are more restricted rules for visiting Cuba.

  • The population in eastern Cuba reflects more of an African heritage than in Havana. All of the revolutions in Cuba’s history happened first in the eastern part of the island. Rum was first made in Santiago and it’s the best!

  • All transportation and lodging for this trip is arranged. A private air-conditioned bus will be your mode of transport along with our own driver and English speaking guide.

  • Dancing is on tap with Salsa dance classes!

  • This part of Cuba has far fewer tourists visiting than in Havana. We will be in small towns as well to experience authentic eastern Cuban culture.

  • Small Footprint Travels is very experienced in leading small groups to Cuba. Their trips are fun and fascinating—they put you with the local people to discover the non-touristy Cuba.

  • Discovering the Cuban culture is what they love to share with you.

  • Again, you just have to show up! This trip has all the details ready for you!

  • Small Footprint Travels creates “un-tours." Even though you travel in a small group (max is 12 people), you have free time to explore on your own.

Ready to join in the fun? Having traveled with Small Footprint Travels to Cuba, I can assure you this is going to be one good time!

For more information and to reserve your spot, email Benjamin Porter at benjamin@smallfootprinttravels.com.

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