Visit Cuba Legally With Small Footprint Travels


Cuba, long the “forbidden fruit” to American travelers, is available for legal travel with Small Footprint Travels.

Benjamin Porter and Myo Koongnoo Porter of Small Footprint Travels have led many tours to this enchanting island and now are pleased to offer a new tour to Santiago de Cuba and the eastern part of the island along with Speaking of Travel in February, 2020.

Founded in 1515, Santiago is famed for its colonial architecture as well as it revolutionary history, the birthplace of rum, and the Santeria religion. Come with us as we explore a less visited part of this large alluring island.

Our tour begins with a quick flight from Miami to the city of Camagüey, Cuba. It is  lovely colonial gem with many parks and squares scattered throughout the city. Our private transport will take us to the small city of Las Tunas for a meeting and tour with a local journalist.

Next is the small coastal village of Gibara, where Christopher Columbus first step foot in 1492. It is now the site of an international film festival. We continue to Holguin where we will visit a cigar factory.

We continue to  the lovely city of Bayamo–which predates both Havana and Santiago. It is our gateway to the lovely rural area around Bartolome Masó where we will have the option of hiking up to visit the original headquarters where Fidel, Che, and others commenced their revolt against the Batista Regime.

We’ll end our visit in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba’s second largest city. Much of Cuban music and dance originated in Santiago and we will immerse ourselves in that cultural ambiance during the three days we are there. We fly from Santiago directly back to Miami.

Visit Small Footprint Travels for more info and sign up TODAY and come along. This is going to be a trip you will NEVER forget!

 Meet Benjamin Porter  

“My life has been one of photography and travel. As a young boy moving from one city to the next with my family (my father was a hospital director), I met new people and explored new cities. Hence, I got the travel bug from a young age. Wanting to capture these experiences, I started photographing at the age of 10 and eventually became a photographer.


In my early 20s, I traveled for a year throughout all of Latin America. At the end of my amazing journey, I had fallen in love with the people and indigenous culture of one particular country: Bolivia—a beautiful and remote land. I have returned many times over the years, and a part of me will always feel that Bolivia is my home.

Before my professional photography career developed, I funded my camera passion by working as a merchant seaman on U.S. ships traveling the world. On one of the sailings, we docked on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, my first contact with Asia. Its mysteries, exotic nature, and culinary delicacies captivated me.”

Meet  Myo Koongnoo Porter

“Born in southern Thailand, I consider myself an unflinching traveler, one who is as comfortable trekking through the mountains to visit remote hill tribes as shopping for bargains at the famous weekend market in Bangkok.

But my true love is cooking Thai food, especially teaching how to do that. In the past several years, I have offered cooking classes in the United States and Thailand.


In addition to my native southern Thai dialect, I speak the dialect of the Isan region of northeast Thailand, as well as Laotian and English. And I enjoy introducing our guests to the people and wonders of this part of Southeast Asia.”

Gift From The Sea


It’s time for a road trip to the beach! There is no better time to travel to the coast then in the fall. The temps are dropping and the beach is less-crowded. Of course, you’ll find me on the beach any chance I get during the summer. But going in the fall holds a special place in my heart.


Before you go, grab a copy of my favorite beach book that should really be in your library. Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift From the Sea might appear a bit dated, but trust me when I say it’s still quite relevant. This is a genuine, heartfelt and thoughtful little book that really will never become dated or obsolete even though it was published in 1955 in what some may call a simpler time.

“I need the sea because it teaches me.”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh shares a personal and spiritual philosophical exploration that will resonate, leaving you feeling alive and cleansed. With the combination of sun, sea and sand, you’ll be reminded of the importance of just being you.

“The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. To dig for treasures shows not only impatience and greed, but lack of faith. Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches. Patience and faith. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach—waiting for a gift from the sea.”

“When you love someone you do not love them all the time, in exactly the same way, from moment to moment. It is an impossibility. It is even a lie to pretend to. And yet this is exactly what most of us demand. We have so little faith in the ebb and flow of life, of love, of relationships. We leap at the flow of the tide and resist in terror its ebb. We are afraid it will never return. We insist on permanency, on duration, on continuity; when the only continuity possible, in life as in love, is in growth, in fluidity - in freedom”

“Women need solitude in order to find again the true essence of themselves.”


“I find there is a quality to being alone that is incredibly precious. Life rushes back into the void, richer, more vivid, fuller than before.”

“Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day- like writing a poem or saying a prayer.”

“I am very fond of the oyster shell. It is humble and awkward and ugly. It is slate-colored and unsymmetrical. Its form is not primarily beautiful but functional. I make fun of its knobbiness.

Sometimes I resent its burdens and excrescences. But its tireless adaptability and tenacity draw my astonished admiration and sometimes even my tears.

And it is comfortable in its familiarity, its homeliness, like old garden gloves when have molded themselves perfectly to the shape of the hand. I do not like to put it down. I will not want to leave it.”

Celebrating Six Years of Speaking of Travel

Mark Twain once said, "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

A big shout out to all of you following Speaking of Travel! The show is growing and more and more people are tuning in.

There is a reason Speaking of Travel is finding success as a regional radio show and as a global podcast... Every episode delivers a great travel story!

Speaking of Travel is in its sixth year. That’s over 300 travel conversations. And I have learned from each and every guest that travel helps you become a better person when you are open to new experiences, people, cultures and challenges.

Wherever you go, whether across the state or across the world, you come back with a greater appreciation for life and for people. And that’s how travel changes the world. And that’s what we need to be doing now more than ever.

Travel transforms your life and changes the way you think about yourself and the world. Tune in to Speaking of Travel and find out how traveling teaches you more than a job or classroom ever will.

The Speaking of Travel + Climate Listening Project Series presents a monthly educational series with industry leaders who discuss climate change and its impact on the places we love to travel, as well as how to become sustainable travelers. Guests include experts from Green Peace, PBS, Audubon, Dogwood Alliance, the Audubon Society and the Center for Honey Bee Research.

Speaking of Flying is a Speaking of Travel airport interview series highlighting passengers and their unique adventures through the Asheville Regional Airport. Find out where people are heading and also learn some valuable travel tips.

Do you love music? Speaking of Travel features musicians from near and far to talk about how travel influences their creative process and brings the world closer together through lyrics and melodies. From Bluegrass to Jazz and every genre in-between.

Each and every conversation on Speaking of Travel reveals at some point how travel has changed a life in some way or another. How meeting new people of all cultures, eating new foods and placing themselves into the unknown turns out is quite powerful and empowering! 

Travel is the best way to challenge yourself. It takes you to your limit and often pushes you outside your comfort zone.

Speaking of Travel brings you some of the most interesting and unusual travel stories from around the globe and from right here in our own backyard. This is the place to find inspiration to pack your bags and hit the road.

I'm excited to welcome listeners from the U.S., England, Ecuador, Spain, Germany, China, Nepal and Poland.


New Belgium’s Community Ambassador Mike Craft and Sustainable Coordinator Sarah Fraser explain how kindling social, environmental and cultural change as a business role model works for the community.

They have an entire team of coworkers dedicated to understanding and improving New Belgium’s impact on ecosystems.

Dedicated to proving that business can be a force for good, come visit New Belgium Brewing in Asheville. Free tours and great beers!

Listen here!


Miranda Peterson is the founder and owner of Namaste in Nature, a yoga, hiking and meditation respite in Western North Carolina that helps relive stress and anxieties while celebrating and appreciating nature.


Namaste in Nature offers multiple options for each person in the practices she guides so they are inclusive of everyone from beginners to experts. 

Miranda believes yoga is for every body and should be accessible to everyone. Namaste in Nature offers multiple options for each person in the practices she guides so they are inclusive of everyone from beginners to experts. 

 Listen  here!



There's something so magical about getting the chance to travel to a new place, surrounded by a new culture, sights, food and people. Every trip becomes an adventure, a story and a memory. You may never know what’s waiting for you, but you always know it definitely will be worth your memory.

 Peter Krull and his wife Melissa Booth love traveling together and explain how this shared passion builds a happy relationship based on the excitement to discover the next adventure and escape their comfort zones.

Find out how they research and plan their trips and why travel feeds their dreams. 

Listen here!

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

Remember... Life is Short! Don't Postpone Joy! 

Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park ROCKS

2018 Flock to the Rock (31).JPG

Want to find an easy way to inspire creativity while reducing anxiety and stress? Taking a walk in the woods and reconnecting with nature is just what the doctor ordered!

2018 Flock to the Rock (36).JPG

Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park is the perfect place to spend quality time unplugging and immersing yourself in nature. And September is a lovely time to get outdoors and explore all the Park has to offer. Grab your camera and take some photos as you spend quality time with your family and take in the wonderful sights of nature. Chimney Rock’s 2019 Summer Fun Photo Contest ends September 22 so submit your photos of your family hiking, sunlight making its way through the trees or of the fantastic views that make Chimney Rock so special.

And good news! If you miss the Summer Photo Contest, you still have a chance to enter and win. You can take all your fabulous photos and enter the Fall Contest running from Sept 30 - December 20.

They will use the winning entries on their website and Facebook album, and you’ll win some fun prizes too! Just remember, photos must be taken within the Chimney Rock section of the Park and there’s no cost to enter.

Between Saturday August 31 and Monday September 2nd, you can enjoy the last holiday weekend of summer experiencing what makes Chimney Rock the ideal place to play. Hike on one of the Park’s many trails or join Fox Mountain Guides for a real rock climbing experience.  

2018 Flock to the Rock (17).JPG

And be sure to join one of Western North Carolina’s most popular Annual events, The 11th Annual Flock to the Rock on Saturday, September 14th from 11:00 am -3:00 pm. Originally created to help folks understand why Hickory Nut Gorge is such a premier birding location, this event has grown in size and popularity every year.

You don’t have to be an avid birder to find something of interest at this event, but it may just be the reason you become one. Guided bird walks, raptor flight shows, live bird demos and workshops are a few of the ways you’ll discover that Chimney Rock isn’t just for the birds

Love to travel with your grandchildren? There’s really nothing like it. So save the dates for the Grandparents Day weekend, Saturday, September 7th – Sunday September 8th. What better way to get quality time together than at Chimney Rock? Coupons for free child admission with the purchase of one regularly-priced adult ticket are downloadable from the Chimney Rock website.

Whether you’re interested in taking an in-depth look at the unique flora and fauna of the Park during one of our guided hikes, learning all about wildlife in our Family Animal Encounters or enjoying a spectacular sunrise over Lake Lure at an early morning Annual Passholder breakfast, Chimney Rock is the perfect place for you and your family to reconnect with nature.

New in September!

Rock to Farm Tour Package 


8am - 9am - Breakfast at the Old Rock Café

Start your day off with a hearty breakfast at the award-winning Old Rock Café, which prominently features a back deck that overlooks the Rocky Broad River and Riverwalk. Breakfast includes an entrée of your choice and a beverage.

 9:30am - 11am - Guided hike at Chimney Rock State Park

Partake in a guided adventure on the Hickory Nut Falls trail to the base of one of the tallest waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. This 404-foot natural wonder was highlighted in the epic film, “The Last of the Mohicans.” At the conclusion of this moderate, 1.4-mile roundtrip excursion, feel free to explore the many vantage points of the iconic Chimney Rock, which can be accessed via the Outcroppings trail or the state-of-the-art 26-story elevator.


1pm - 2pm - Lunch at Hickory Nut Gap Farms. Enjoy a scenic, 20-30-minute drive up the Hickory Nut Gorge to Hickory Nut Gap Farms. At 1pm, you’ll be offered a true farm-to-fork experience. Order lunch off of their new chef-inspired BBQ menu featuring 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken and locally-sourced fresh produce.

2pm - 3pm - Guided tour of the Farm

A guide will escort you on a walking tour throughout the property to explore the 80 acres of working farmland. You’ll head to the top of UFO hill for a spectacular view, walk alongside the creek through old forest, see the grazing animals on pasture, and learn about regenerative agriculture. Learn about the farm's 100-year-old history and current farming practices. 

3pm - 4pm - Fall festival at HNG Farms

Finish the day off by enjoying the many activities of the weekday fall festival happening throughout the month of September. Visit baby farm animals, pick apples in the u-pick apple orchard, slide down the culvert slides, take a trip around the adult-sized trike track, participate in a farm scavenger hunt, and find your way through the meadow maze.

Additional Information

This day trip will include moderate-to-strenuous walking distances and terrain. You will want to wear comfortable hiking boots or shoes. Hydration is key, so be sure to bring plenty of water. Don’t forget your camera to commemorate your experience!


The guided hikes have mandatory start times of 9:30am at Chimney Rock State Park and 1pm at Hickory Nut Gap Farms, so please make sure you are at the rendezvous point for the tours at least 5-10 minutes beforehand. Transportation is not included. This tour package has a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15 people. Guests may book as individuals, but if the minimum is not met within 24 hours prior, the tour will be canceled. We will inform you in advance if that is the case.

For more info on fabulous September events, visit the Chimney Rock website.

We hope you’ll join us in celebration!

Let's Go To Cuba With Small Footprint Travels


Good News Cuba Aficionados!

Speaking of Travel is collaborating with Small Footprint Travels on a new eastern Cuba trip scheduled for February, 2020.


Discovering this special and unique part of Cuba will be a rewarding and memorable experience for you so make your plans now to come along. This will be a fun adventure! 

In this beautiful part of Cuba, time stands still. The people are friendly and the landscape is breathtaking. Cuba is a bucket-list destination and there may not be many chances in the future to travel there easily. With Small Footprint Travels, you can just show up and join us! You’re sure to have a fun time and learn so much about this incredible country.

There are many reasons to travel to eastern Cuba with Small Footprint Travels and Speaking of Travel and here are just a few:


• If you have already visited Havana, you have only seen one-half of Cuba. Santiago and the eastern side of the island is very different. It is the home of Revolutions, Rum and Santeria.

• This may be our last chance to legally visit Cuba before there are more restricted rules for visiting Cuba.

  • The population in eastern Cuba reflects more of an African heritage than in Havana. All of the revolutions in Cuba’s history happened first in the eastern part of the island. Rum was first made in Santiago and it’s the best!

  • All transportation and lodging for this trip is arranged. A private air-conditioned bus will be your mode of transport along with our own driver and English speaking guide.

  • Dancing is on tap with Salsa dance classes!

  • This part of Cuba has far fewer tourists visiting than in Havana. We will be in small towns as well to experience authentic eastern Cuban culture.

  • Small Footprint Travels is very experienced in leading small groups to Cuba. Their trips are fun and fascinating—they put you with the local people to discover the non-touristy Cuba.

  • Discovering the Cuban culture is what they love to share with you.

  • Again, you just have to show up! This trip has all the details ready for you!

  • Small Footprint Travels creates “un-tours." Even though you travel in a small group (max is 12 people), you have free time to explore on your own.

Ready to join in the fun? Having traveled with Small Footprint Travels to Cuba, I can assure you this is going to be one good time!

For more information and to reserve your spot, email Benjamin Porter at

Find out more!

Does Not Planning a Vacation Mean Less Stress?


Nina Zapala is introducing the world to a revolutionary way to travel and it’s all about discovering your INNER TRAVEL GUIDE via travel personality typing.

A recent article in the New York Times, “To Reduce Travel Stress, Plan Less,” offers up some travel tips on how not planning a vacation may mean less stress while on holiday.

Nina’s phone lit up as her “SJ” traveling friends were like, “OH HECK NO!” You see, a person with sensing and judging functions are rooted in the physical and they love to plan and are often practical and realistic.

They’re not likely to plan less; in fact, just the opposite is true.

To see what your travel personality uncovers, visit Nina’s blog!

Find out more!

Leap Frog Tours is a Trusted Name for Great Tours


I’ve lived in Western North Carolina for four decades and am always amazed at how little I know about my own community. So going on tours with Leap Frog Tours is helping me uncover stories and details of places right in my own backyard and making them come alive!

Choosing Leap Frog Tours means I’m directly supporting the local economy and people, helping to preserve the region for future visitors. And I love that about them!


 I had the best time on Asheville’s first Hemp Tour. Leap Frog Tours partnered with Franny’s Farm and we spent time learning about hemp and CBD. Our tour guide, Mark, is an amazing source of information on everything you need to know about the local hemp culture and we had an authentic and rewarding experience learning all about this new, emerging industry.

The tour ended at Bhramari Brewing Company for the launch of Franny’s Farmhouse Ale and the group bonded over a good brew. I would highly recommend taking this awesome tour!


Then I went on their RiverLink Tour to explore what’s going on in the River Arts area these days. I remember when RiverLink was established in 1987. The nonprofit was conceived at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce at a time when the French Broad and downtown Asheville was not an attractive place and the RAD was mostly a junkyard and a dumping area for trash.

 Today, thanks to visionaries like Karen Cragnolin, the innovative and restorative projects on our riverfront are creating a place for recreation and preservation for generations to come. I found out details about the history of the river I never knew, and what RiverLink is doing today and planning for the future.


 Garrett Artz, Executive Director of RiverLink and our tour guide, Mark, are both knowledgeable about the French Broad River and treated us to stories and history that came alive.

This time, the tour concluded at New Belgium Brewery for more fun. Our group hung out and chatted and we all had a wonderful experience!

 Regardless of whether you live in Western North Carolina, have guests in town or if you’re a visitor to this beautiful region of the world, there is a lot to see and do!

And going with Leap Frog Tours is the perfect way to create memories while traveling in their comfortable vans, with expert guides who have a deep knowledge of the history, geography, culture and traditions of the area and share them in an engaging and entertaining way.


Visit Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park This Summer


Experience the best of the North Carolina mountains in one place at Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park, an international outdoor destination in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, attracting visitors from around the world. And it’s only a lovely 25 mile drive from Asheville.


There is so much to see and do! You’ll find beautiful scenery, including 75-mile panoramic views overlooking Lake Lure, fabulous hiking trails, native wildlife and one of North Carolina's highest waterfalls (featured in the movie The Last of the Mohicans).

 And as a Season Passholder, you get 12 months of visits to the Park for only $32! This is less than the cost of two visits!

Plus you’ll get great discounts on programs, workshops and hikes and discounted admission for your friends who come with you, a discount on food, beverages and retail purchases in all Park outlets, and even more discounts at favorite local attractions and shops, including Biltmore, Lake Lure Tours, Mast General Store & others!

Where else can you get such a big return for such a small investment?

 Chimney Rock Management’s dedicated Green Team meets regularly to ensure sustainable practices are implemented properly and review additional opportunities to reduce the Park’s carbon footprint.

 This is a wonderful time to visit the Smokies! And no visit would be complete without a visit to Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park, the best of the mountains in one place!

Listen to the latest on what’s going on at Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park with General Manager Mary Jaeger-Gale. Have fun!


Thoughts From Nearly Two Years Around the World With Megan and Grant From Career Break Adventures


Like anyone acquiring a new a skill, we learned more than a couple travel lessons during our trip around the world. Some came the easy way, several the hard way, a few in English and most in dozens of other languages.

Two years ago we stepped away from desirable careers, ones that we had schooled for and built over more than a decade. Following a calling, we realized there was plenty to experience in life that couldn’t be fit into a short vacation.

We had the money but didn’t have the time to spend. To quote The Avengers: End Game (an ironically long movie), “No amount of money ever bought a second of time.” We grabbed our backpacks, hopped on a plane and started traveling long term.

We lived with foreign cultures, survived an earthquake, saw heartwarming beauty and incredible suffering, trekked the Himalayas, broke through ice in Antarctica, camped on the Serengeti, learned a new language, saw incalculable environmental destruction and infinitely abundant wildlife.

image1 3.jpeg

Now, seven continents later, we can reflect and offer our key takeaways to other inspired explorers and aspiring travelers.

 1) Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

Being a tourist is easy. Follow the crowds, go to the same places with all the other tourists, get some pictures, buy a mass produced souvenir, and leave with forgettable memories. But a little extra effort can transform the experience.

Do Internet research beforehand, reading articles, blogs and recommendations from other travelers to find less famous spots. Avoid joining tour groups and try to do it yourself. You will hit some roadblocks and stumble along the way, but this method creates some of the most unforgettable journeys.

 2) Pack Light

 Leave the luggage burden behind and pack like a minimalist. Dress in layers, bring clothes that convert, carry items with double purpose and leave the just-in-case stuff behind. Reducing your bag size will save a heap of hassle during your travels. Try to shrink your bag enough to carry onto the plane. This will ensure that you never lose your luggage and can get through the airport without standing in the bag check in line.

The reduced size makes it easier to move from place to place, helps you pack quickly and allows for more walking. This small step will give you less to worry about and more freedom to enjoy your vacation.

 3) Do It the Local Way

Instead of following the other foreigners, do what the locals do. Places geared towards tourists typically have higher prices and lower quality or authenticity. Search out spots frequented by locals to get a true taste of the culture.

Venture away from the tourist streets to find original restaurants and shops. Opt for home stays over hotels and take public transport to immerse yourself and get tips from people who live there. Learn some words in the language (or use Google Translate) and ask local people where they recommend to eat or visit. This will lead to a better adventure and save a lot of money in the process.

 4) Slow Down, Don’t Over Plan

Take a slower approach to travel. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Leave a cushion when planning and allow room for spontaneity and diversions. Jumping around and packing in the highlights leads to stress and damages the experience.

Slow travel lets you soak up your surroundings and have time to follow advice from locals and other travelers. You are less likely to miss connections or have your main event ruined by weather, and the flexibility lets you find cheaper and better options. Overall, your trip will be more enjoyable and less expensive.

 5) Protect Against Avoidable Risks

Overall, the world is a very safe place to visit, but there are some risks which can easily be minimized. Be a prudent traveler and take precautions to keep from being a target for pickpockets, theft or other scams which seek out clueless tourists. Deter theft by wearing clothing with secure pockets and carrying your daypack or bag in the front.

Don’t carelessly hold or stare at your phone on the street, instead make eye contact with the people around you and always be aware of your surroundings. Use an offline GPS map to discretely confirm locations and directions before walking or while in taxis. Be wary of unrequested advice. Listen to your instincts, if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

6) Embrace the Bumps

image1 2.jpeg

Travel is not perfect. Cultures have different customs, countries vary in comfort standards, flights get delayed, things happen. Learn to expect and embrace the unexpected. Many of the most uncomfortable experiences are the most memorable encounters, and make the best stories.

Remember, money can buy experience, but not time. Use both wisely.

 Grant and Megan

Take a Trip to Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park

Experience the best of the North Carolina mountains in one place at Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park, an international outdoor destination in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, attracting visitors from around the world. And it’s only a lovely 25 mile drive from Asheville.

There is so much to see and do! You’ll find beautiful scenery, including 75-mile panoramic views overlooking Lake Lure, fabulous hiking trails, native wildlife and one of North Carolina's highest waterfalls (featured in the movie The Last of the Mohicans). There’s something for everyone.

 And as a Season Passholder, you get 12 months of visits to the Park for only $32! This is less than the cost of two visits!

Plus you’ll get great discounts on programs, workshops and hikes as well as discounted admission for your friends who come with you. You’ll receive a 15% discount on food, beverages and retail purchases in all Park outlets including The Old Rock Café, not to mention even more discounts at favorite local attractions and shops. Where else can you get such a big return for such a small investment?

 This is a wonderful time to visit the mountains! And no visit would be complete without a visit to Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park, the best of the mountains in one place!

2019 Calendar Events_JUNE copy.jpg

Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín

The signature concert of The Defiant Requiem Foundation, Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín, tells the story of the courageous Jewish prisoners in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp (Terezín) during World War II who performed Verdi’s Requiem while experiencing the depths of human degradation.

With only a single smuggled score, they performed the celebrated oratorio 16 times, including one performance before senior SS officials from Berlin and an International Red Cross delegation. Conductor Rafael Schächter told the choir, “We will sing to the Nazis what we cannot say to them.”

Defiant Requiem in Concert-St. Vitus-credit Josef Rabara-1.jpg

Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín is a concert-drama that was conceived and created by Foundation President, Maestro Murry Sidlin. It combines the magnificent music of Verdi with video testimony from survivors of the original Terezín chorus and footage from the 1944 Nazi propaganda film about Theresienstadt.

The performance also includes actors who speak the words of imprisoned conductor Rafael Schächter and others.


Praised by The New York Times as "Poignant... a monument to the courage of one man to foster hope among prisoners with little other solace," Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín will be performed in Asheville, NC at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium on Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 7:30 pm.

Led by Maestro Murry Sidlin, president of The Defiant Requiem Foundation and creator of this powerful concert/drama, Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín features the Asheville Symphony, Voices of Terezín Remembrance (a chorus comprised of singers from the Asheville Symphony Chorus, Asheville Choral Society, and other community members), and soloists Jennifer Check (soprano), Ann McMahon-Quintero (mezzo-soprano), Bruce Sledge (tenor), and Jongmin Park (bass).

Special thanks to Gail Wein, a New York-based music journalist who has written for The Washington PostPlaybill and Symphony Magazine, and was producer of National Public Radio’s Performance Today.

Elkin Creek Vineyard

Bottles Logo.jpg

The site of a historic grist mill built in 1896, and gracing a special spot where two creeks join together to become one, Elkin Creek Vineyard is a one-of-a-kind destination.

Located one hour north of Charlotte, NC and only twenty minutes from the Virginia border, it is a hidden gem in the heart of the Yadkin Valley.

Guests can experience wine tastings in a warm and inviting tasting room, enjoy wine selections as they stroll by a gentle waterfall, or sit in a creek-side swing by the fire pit.

Lite fare is available such as an antipasta plate, homemade artisian bread, or our special Sunday treat of hand-made-to-order pizzas baked in an authentic wood-fire brick oven.

Winemaker Louis Jeroslow

Winemaker Louis Jeroslow

The property includes four private cabins with luxury amenities. Elkin Creek Vineyard is also available to host your wedding or special event.

Since 2011, Elkin Creek Vineyard has been under the care of the White and the Jeroslow families.  Nick and Jennifer White and Louis and Carrie Jeroslow found each other through their experience working for the theatrical sensation Blue Man Group. The Whites discovered Elkin Creek Vineyard when they married there in 2008.

After the wedding, and while living in Las Vegas, both couples had countless sushi meals where future dreams were discussed. 

As they did, a similar vision emerged - to create a place where people can come to celebrate life's great moments as well as a place to find quiet sanctuary; a life that involved people gathering around great wine, delicious food and beautiful surroundings.

It was quite a surprise when previous owner, Mark Greene approached them when he was ready to move on to his next adventure.

Mark Greene and his wife established Elkin Creek Vineyard in 2001 after purchasing the century-old mill. The Whites and the Jeroslows are deeply honored to have been chosen by Mr. Greene and it is a dream come true to care for and nurture this magical place.


North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley Wine Country

Shelton Vineyards 1922 - CREDIT Sam Dean.jpg

The Yadkin Valley Wine Region is nestled in the foothills of the famous Blue Ridge Mountains along the meandering Yadkin River. An easy-to-follow trail allows you to navigate your way through the heart of North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley wine country.

The Surry County Wine Trail is showcased in a full-color map brochure highlighting 16 wineries in and around Surry County, along with five breweries and distilleries. The map simplifies the experience of spending a day or two tasting wines and touring vineyards.

“It is great for people utilizing GPS in their cars or on their mobile devices to have a guide with addresses, phone numbers and websites for all the wineries,” says Jessica Roberts, executive director of the Tourism Partnership of Surry County. “That was the main reason the trail was created – as a navigational tool.”

The map gives a good geographical overview of all 14 wineries in Surry County, as well as two wineries just outside the county that work closely with their Surry counterparts. It has addresses for use in GPS devices, as well as phone numbers and websites for all stops on the trail.

Surry Co-Yadkin Valley logo.png

The trail brochure details the varieties of grapes grown in the Yadkin Valley, along with information about lodging in wine country and a listing of annual events.

Photo of tim wahl by Bill Russ

Photo of tim wahl by Bill Russ

“Our tourism partners, including wineries, breweries, distilleries and lodging partners, like having a brochure to give visitors to help them navigate,” Roberts says.

Surry County wineries have a tradition of sending visitors to neighboring wineries, which is now much easier thanks to the trail map. 

“Maybe people came to see us because of a recommendation from one of our neighbors, and then we’ll recommend another neighbor,” says Tim Wahl, winemaker and co-owner of Adagio Vineyards in Elkin.

“That’s something you don’t always get in other states, where there can be an hour between wineries. People really like to visit three or four within a day.”

Wahl likes the fact that visitors receive an up close and personal experience while visiting wineries in Surry County.“The personal stories behind the wineries are interesting,” Wahl says.

“We try to be there in person to give them a tour of the production facility and go through, step by step, how we make the wines and let them know why our wineries are unique.”

The Yadkin Valley became North Carolina’s first federally designated American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 2003 thanks to the efforts of owners Charlie and Ed Shelton of Shelton Vineyards in Surry County.

“We are proud to be the birthplace of the Yadkin Valley AVA, and this is an exciting time for visitor growth in our wine industry,” Roberts says.

To request a free map by mail, or to download a copy, visit

Impact Travel Alliance Celebrates International Women's Day

Photo courtesy of Lokal Travel

Photo courtesy of Lokal Travel

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Impact Travel Alliance celebrated the female traveler and the travel businesses that support women around the world with four global events.

Planned by four Impact Travel Chapters to bring together the women and men who are passionate about travel and lifting women up, the events focused on helping women to unleash their inner explorer.

Several extraordinary women-led travel businesses and operators with programs that empower women were highlighted at events in New York City; Washington, D.C.; Hong Kong; and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Photo courtesy of Community Homestay.

Photo courtesy of Community Homestay.

“Thankfully it’s possible to find companies like the women’s global travel operator Purposeful Nomad or Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Centre in Laos that allow us as travelers to support female-run businesses that are also doing their best to support women globally. It’s important to take this day to shine a light on their work,” said Kelley Louise, Impact Travel Alliance founder and executive director.

“We also wanted to celebrate female travelers. Our community is full of intrepid women dedicated to exploring and doing good as they travel. It’s not always easy to travel as a woman, but we persist.”

Several organizations in the ITA community focus on empowering women through travel:

• Community Homestay in Nepal collaborates with an NGO to provide local women the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and ready their homes to house guests.

• Fernweh Fair Travel is a women-led NGO working to empower women, mostly young widows, and bring sustainable development to communities in India through responsible tourism.

• Purposeful Nomad runs female, small-group adventures around the world designed to empower women through responsible community engagement.

• The female-owned Andeana Hats operates sustainable tours for travelers to support the Quechua weaving community in rural Peru.

• The community tourism platform and travel operator Lokal Travel features a range of women-owned lodges, female-guided tours and more, like Ock Pop Tok Living Crafts Centre, that highlight women and support their work around the world.

• Many of Urban Adventures’ day tours are hosted by local women and support area organizations. “The Olive Tree of Istanbul” tour visits a community center that offers education and support to Syrian refugees, including a women’s social enterprise program.

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. For more information, visit

Photo courtesy of Laura Grier

Photo courtesy of Laura Grier

Impact Travel Alliance is the world's largest community for impact-focused travelers and travel professionals. Through education and advocacy around sustainable tourism, the organization aims to transform the travel industry into a force for good, and to help improve the world through business and leisure travel.

Impact Travel Alliance is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit with a highly engaged and active global community with 30 local chapters in cities around the world. For more information, visit

Visit Beautiful, Untouched Bolivia

Cheese Vendor.JPG

I admit to having a bucket list for so many reasons. For one thing, it gives you something to dream about and is really all about creating memories. Life is short so it's important to make the most of it. Remember, Don’t Postpone Joy. One place on my bucket list that I dream of going is beautiful, untouched Bolivia, a country off the radar of mainline tourism, but offering unique and authentic experiences to intrepid travelers.

IMG_0865 copy 2.JPG

If Bolivia is on your bucket list, or if traveling to remote, untouched destinations is your thing, check out this fabulous small group tour with Small Footprint Travels (limited to 12 people) and explore this lovely land located in the heart of South America.

Bolivia is home to both the Aymara and Quechua Indians and is the most widely populated indigenous country in Latin America.

Colorful village markets offer extensive shopping opportunities and many photogenic people. You’ll learn to cook traditional Bolivian dishes at cooking class in La Paz. Bolivians are warm and friendly and will make you feel welcome in their country.

Bolivia is home to some of the worlds’ highest vineyards and recently recognized award-winning wines. You’ll visit wineries in the southern part of the country and travel to UNESCO World Heritage cities.

They also travel to the world’s largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni, which covers more than 4,000 square miles. Traversing this immense white dessert in our private 4x4 vehicles is like stepping onto another planet. You get to spend two nights there in a hotel built entirely of salt!


La Paz is a rich city steeped in history and is now linked with a network of modern cable cars. We will enjoy a cooking class to learn classic Bolivian dishes. Did you know that Bolivia is home to more than 4,000 varieties of potato?

Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake is a short drive from La Paz. You’ll spend a night at a comfortable eco lodge on the Island of the Sun, situated in the middle of the Lake. It is there on that island the Incas believed the world was created.

Machu Picchu-1570610.jpg

As an optional add-on trip, you can continue traveling with Small Footprint Travels from La Paz and fly to Cusco, Peru, to experience Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. These destinations are unlike any you will experience in the rest of the world and Machu Picchu is a must-visit when you are in South America. Bucket list!

Traveling with Small Footprint Travels is the best of all travel worlds because details of foreign travel are arranged for you and you’re accompanied by Spanish-speaking American tour leader and local Bolivian guides.

San Roque Festival.JPG

As for the ease of process, they guide people through everything they need for this trip, from what to bring, shots to get, where to get the visa, and recommended flights to Bolivia.

Nearly everything is covered in the cost of the tour. Many, but not all, meals are included. One thing to note… this is a journey for people in good health because you’ll be walking every day—though it’s not a trek by any means. You’ll stay in comfortable 3 & 4 star lodging and have your own private transportation and professional driver throughout.

I traveled to Cuba with Small Footprint Travels and loved every minute of it! So sign up today!

The tour dates for Bolivia are September 11- 25, 2019 with an add-on trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu (September 25 - 29).

For more information, email:

Or call 1.828.281.1825

All photos courtesy of Benjamin Porter

Prestige Subaru Gives Back

Over the years Prestige Subaru has played an active role in the Asheville community, giving back to the organizations that make Asheville the wonderful place that it is.

prestige logo_highres_stacked.png

Prestige is a family-owned and operated dealership in Asheville since 1967, and they ould not imagine a better place to do business and ultimately call home.

Tucked into a bed of picturesque views in a stunning natural landscape, Asheville is a destination location for individuals from all walks of life, from all around the country.

The natural beauty and the climate here in the mountains are second to few, providing residents and tourists alike with a healthy environment for all types of activity. But it isn’t simply the climate and impressive environment Asheville finds itself in that places it in high esteem, but rather the people and organizations working within it that truly make it such an incredible place to live. Asheville boasts a compassionate community network aimed at achieving the best for its residents and even their pets.

Groups such as the Asheville Humane Society, ASPCA, Homeward Bound WNC, Riverlink, Meals on Wheels, the Eblen Foundation, WNC AIDS Project, Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society are just a few of the conscientious organizations at work in Western North Carolina that Prestige Subaru is proud to support in making Asheville one of the most pleasant places to live in the country.

Prestige Subaru has consistently ranked as the #1 Subaru dealer in the Southeast for over 10 years and continues to strive for success, committed to raising the bar each year. Not only is this success attributed to the hard work put in everyday by Prestige employees, who make life at the dealership enjoyable through the highs and the lows, but also to the customers who choose Prestige to serve their each and every need. Whether it is buying a new or used car, or a simple routine service check, Prestige is dedicated to treating each and every customer like family and ensuring satisfaction throughout the many years your Subaru is on the road.

Everyone at Prestige Subaru would like to thank their loyal customers for each experience shared with them and making their job at Prestige a pleasant one. They are proud to give back to their customers and the community as a whole, and look forward to playing their part in helping make 2019 a fantastic and productive year for the entire Asheville community.

 Thank you Anthony Pelle and your entire Prestige team!

Click here to watch My Subaru Story with Jeff Bennington from Lake Junaluska, NC

Speaking of Flying Continues


Speaking of Flying – a Speaking of Travel airport interview series highlighting passengers and their unique adventures through the Asheville Regional Airport – continues! Folks are taking some really cool trips and share some valuable travel tips! After listening to these fun tales from the terminal you'll want to book your next flight! Seriously!

Speaking of Flying + Making Memories


The Keaton family is making their first-ever trip to Rome, Italy. With the holidays on the horizon, the Keatons are eager to celebrate in a different way and make memories together over the holidays. When it comes to traveling as a family, Michael understand the importance of patience and flexibility.

“It can try the patience a little bit,” he said. “Kids want to do their thing, and parents have ideas of what the kids should be doing. We give them enough freedom, and it all works out.”

Michael loves starting his adventures at AVL. “It is very convenient,” he said. “The parking is close to the terminal. It is very affordable. It is much faster than taking a long two-and-a-half-hour drive… and it is great that at the end of your trip you do not have a two-and-a-half-hour drive awaiting you when you are all exhausted and just want to go home.”

Listen Here!

Speaking of Flying + Across the Pond


The Warner family will be spending their holiday season across the pond in London, England. Commuting to visit relatives in Somerset is an especially interesting experience for the Warners. “We will drive down,” Doug said. “What is interesting about the drive is that you go… within 50 yards of Stonehenge.”

As a family who frequently travels together, the Warners know what it takes to get the job done. “Get here early,” Doug said. “Do whatever you have to do to get out of the house quickly and relax at the airport.”

The Warner family loves the convenience of AVL. “We live one exit away,” Doug said. “It is literally a five-minute drive.”

Listen Here!

Speaking of Flying + Flying South


Grace is heading south for winter. She will spend the season with family in Arizona. Her dog is also joining in on the fun, awaiting boarding in her carrier.

“You have to pack a lot of stuff.” Grace said. “That is why we… carry her the way we do. We have so much to handle, to check in and out.”

Grace likes how easy it is to navigate her way around AVL. “It is friendly and small,” Grace said. “It is just easy to get around. I enjoy it here.”

Listen here!


Speaking of Flying + Furry Friends

Steven is off to New Orleans to spend the holidays with family, but he is not going alone. He is bringing along his favorite four-legged travel companion, Levi. As someone who frequently travels with a pet, Steven knows a thing or two about bringing furry friends on board.

“He is fun to travel with,” Steven said. “He has traveled everywhere with me. A lot of people like him and try to pet him.”

Steven likes the ease of traveling in out of the AVL. “It is an easy airport to travel out of,” Steven said. “It is not like a big airport where you have so many planes coming in.”

Listen  here!



Speaking of Flying + Home for the Holidays

Robert is Memphis-bound for the holidays to be with family. The Tennessee native was only in town briefly, picking up his son who attends college in the area. With such a quick turnaround, he came prepared to navigate the airport with efficiency.

“I always anticipate the TSA stop. Wear stuff that is easy to get off and put back on. Have a backpack to keep it all so you do not misplace it. It will fit in the overhead bin – no matter how small the plane is.”

Robert likes the convenience and speed of traveling through AVL. “I picked Asheville for our… flight because it is easy to check in and check out,” Robert said. “If you rented a car, you can drop it off.”

Listen here!



Blue Ridge Honor Flight

Douglas MacArthur once said, “The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”


Giving Back
Giving back to veterans who gave so much is the goal of Blue Ridge Honor flight, and since 2006, Jeff Miller and his Blue Ridge Honor Flight team have taken our WWII,  Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans to Washington, D.C, to visit those memorials dedicated to their service
and sacrifice.

HonorAir and the National Honor Flight programs are responsible for flying over 200,000 WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans to our nation's capitol to experience their memorials. 

The veterans who had patriotically lifted their hands to their hearts many times in the 61 years since the war ended had never seen anything like the hero's reception they received in Washington.


"CBS Sunday Morning" aired a moving feature about the HonorAir effort in September 2006. Click here to view this lovely tribute.

On May 4, 2019, they will fly again. Learn more about this great mission, how you can get involved or send a deserving veteran to DC for a day of honor.

Navarre Beach, Florida: Four Reasons to Visit in 2019

Many make the trip to Navarre Beach for breathtaking views from the Navarre Beach Pier or they arrive anticipating moments of simple family fun, fishing the day away while others travel to the area for long days spent at the beach hunting for seashells and delighting in solitude that is becoming a rare find amongst Florida beaches. Below are four more reasons why a beach vacation to Navarre Beach, Florida, should be on your vacation planner for 2019.

Navarre Beach.jpg

Embracing A Tiny Town
The area has been given the title of “One of the Best Tiny Towns,” by Southern Living Magazine, draws families from the region and beyond. Families are attracted to the area like magnets on a refrigerator, as 12 miles of uncrowded beaches give way to waterplay — kite boarding, surfing, and snorkeling are all part of the day’s journey. Children can run like the wind without bumping into a beach chair, car, or another human, oh so refreshing. What’s even more fun is watching Moms and Dads trying to capture these moments on video. It’s tough as these undisturbed beaches bring a freedom vibe that kids tap into, slowing them down for a video is rarely an option! Add in the silky-smooth white sandy beaches perfect for tiny feet and crystal clear turquoise waters and you have an ideal family beach. Open spaces also encourage building large sand castles, walks on the beach, and beach sittin’ time with your favorite book.

  1. Gone Fishing
    Remember the thrill of catching your first fish? Families will find fishing experiences to be plentiful in and around the area. One of the best places to start is on the Gulf Coast’s longest pier, the 1,545-foot Navarre Beach Fishing Pier. The views from the Pier are outer- worldly and make the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos. Plus, the ease of finding a space to set-up and cast away makes the pier uber family-friendly. Another interesting aspect of the pier is the copious number of instructional signage, which appear as you wonder the quarter-mile structure.  The dedication to educating visitors on safe fishing practices is impressive. Signs issue instructions to protect endangered sea turtles, birds and dolphins, and in case of an emergency, aka a hook gets entangled, phone numbers are posted to rectify the situation immediately. This is a wonderful teaching moment for parents to explain the relationships between man and the environment.

    For fishing enthusiasts who seek a more active experience, there are opportunities to enjoy Florida’s back county by kayak fishing along the inshore mangroves, grass flats, and rivers. Pro Tip: Seashells are numerous under the pier.

 2. Into the Wild
A fun and nostalgic outing for families is a day at the park, but not just any old park. Why not visit one of only ten National Seashore parks in the United States, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and discover why the Gulf of Mexico is so alluring? The attraction starts with eight miles of pristine Gulf-front beaches to the west of Navarre Beach. A top stop is a visit to Fort Pickens, known by many as the “Guardian of the Gulf Coast.”

Fort Pickens is riddled with history and a structured tour of the area provides an excellent opportunity to get in a quick history lesson. A museum is also located on site offering a variety of hands-on exhibits and videos showcasing the natural and cultural wonders of the area. After an enriching tour, families can spend time unpacking a delicious beachside picnic, hike or bike, and birdwatch ‘til the sun goes down. Pro Tip: Say goodbye to Siri for an hour or two and head on over to The Eastern National Bookstore, just inside the entrance to Fort Pickens. Park rangers and volunteers (yep, real people), are on hand to provide tips and suggestions to make the trip a memorable one. 

Looking for an entirely different kind of park adventure? Check out the Navarre Marine Park, which is free and open to the public, offering visitors a marine sanctuary and an artificial reef.  The park is south of Sea Oat Pavilion (just ask a local). Once there, follow the kayak/scuba boardwalk leading directly to the beach. The reef is located 100 yards offshore near lifeguard station number one and is open when water conditions are safe. Beyond snorkeling and diving, one of the most popular activities is the clear bottom kayak reef tour. This is an exciting way to discover what lies beneath the waves, without flippers, masks, tanks and snorkel gear. Kids will want to be on the lookout for endangered turtles, reef fish, and enjoy the swaying and swinging of the sea grasses.

Blackwater State Park.jpg

 Go into the wild at Blackwater State Park in Milton, Florida, an extraordinary park in so many ways. The park was certified in 1980 as a Registered State Nature Feature as an example of Florida’s natural history. It is also known as having one of the oldest and largest collections of Atlantic white cedar stands lining the river, and in 1982 it was recognized as a Florida Champion Tree. Today visitors will encounter more than 600 acres of virgin wilderness, complete with a 65-mile kayak trail. Blackwater River is also one of the purest sand-bottom rivers in the United States, making it ideal for swimming. Grab a paddle, a fishing pole, an inner tube, or catch some air ziplining through the trees. Forgot your kayak or canoe? No worries as rentals are available from local outfitters.  Bagdad Park is all the rage with families as the area is equipped with benches and picnic tables. Blackwater State Park is famous for its diverse hiking trails, so if you want to spot a white tail deer, hit the trails in the early morning. It’s also prime time to observe wading birds like Herons and Egrets fishing for their breakfast. The Park is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, so keep your binoculars handy as you may be lucky enough to spot the Federally Endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker. Shaded campsites are a big draw and a favorite option for families

3. Local Eats
You may find yourself longing to bump into some other vacationers, so head on over to Navarre Beach Boulevard and stop in at Sailors Grill, which sits right on the beach and often with volleyball tournaments in full swing. The food is American fare and the atmosphere is great for kids. Don’t miss the sunsets! One not-to-miss is Windjammer’s on the Navarre Fishing Pier, where succulent seafood is the catch of the day. The spiny lobster melts in your mouth while the Mahi-Mahi tacos are equally tasty. Of course, visitors will find standard fare for kid’s burgers and grilled cheese. Looking for an upmarket dining experience? Try East Bay Crab House, which offers an array of seafood dishes from stuffed founder to grilled cobia and New Orleans-inspired dishes like Tuna Orleans and Grouper Etouffee, to name a few. The restaurant easily accommodates large families, and TripAdvisor gives it a 4-star rating. Pro Tip: IC Station, Navarre’s newest ice cream shops brings a slice of New York to its shores. Manager, Steven Zheng trained in the art of stir fry ice cream in New York, yet the art of stir fry ice cream began in Thailand. Strawberry and brownie is a top pick!

4.  Stay in a Treehouse?
Remember the days when treehouses were a summer escape, a place to get away from it all even though it was in your own backyard?  Feel like a kid again, with your kids and plan to overnight in a luxury tree house nestled amongst a dense magnolia canopy with two queen beds, kitchen and bath at Coldwater Gardens. The Gardens is an intimate retreat and a quick 18-mile drive from Blackwater State Park offering posh cottages and luxe camping outposts. Guests will be transformed as lush foliage gives way to hands-on activities — feed the animals, arts and crafts, kids’ tours and more create a wonderful back-to-nature stay. Additionally, the area offers a plethora of overnight accommodations from the expected chain hotels: Hampton Inn & Suites, Regency Inn & Suites, Spring Hill Suite by Marriott, and others. For those who prefer home-away-from-home stays, condo and home rentals are prevalent.

With so much to do in Navarre Beach you will to come back again and again. Just a few fun facts to leave you with: much of the 1978 film Jaws 2 was filmed at Navarre Beach; historic Milton is the “Canoe Capital of Florida;” and the 50-acre Gulf Breeze Zoo features hundreds of animals from around the world. Learn more visit here:

The article was written by Nina Zapala, a travel and lifestyle writer, based in the South. The article first appeared in the Naples Daily News, Naples Florida, part of USA Today Network Florida, in August 2018. The article was updated and revised for Speaking of Travel. Find Nina on Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn @ninazapala for more travel shenanigans!


Travel Ah-Ha Moments

The truth is, no matter where you go, and no matter how long you’re gone, you always come home with a new outlook on life.

Join my guests on Speaking of Travel as they talk about how travel has taught them not only about the world and other cultures, but also about themselves.

It’s true travel changes people in many different ways, and in each and every travel adventure you’ll discover an ah-ha moment that will change you for the better!

Traveling is not just going someplace. Even if you have no clear purpose, traveling provides you to grow in far more ways than we know.

I think we can all agree traveling is good! So what are you waiting for?

Remember… Don’t Postpone Joy!

Tina & Geoff Kinsey Install A Love Of Travel With Their Sons

Tina and Geoff Kinsey and their four boys love to travel and share their favorite family adventures. Each of the boys are named after special places and feel a connection to these places, even unseen.

Over the years, they have shared their most memorable family adventures when they have pilgrimaged to the name places. Find out what it means to Bryce, Blake, Tim and Lucas to have been named after different locations that are special to their mom and dad and how they have all bonded around their travel experiences.

Listen here!


Melissa and Ryan Reardon Discover Spain On An Epic Adventure

Melissa Reardon, editor-in-chief of WNC Magazine and her husband Ryan Reardon, the director of the Asheville Music School, love to travel.

After serious planning for a trip to Spain, they covered some epic ground, hitting nine cities in 2.5 weeks by doing three in-country flights, two car rentals, one train, and a grand finale at the Las Fallas Festival in Valencia.

Find out how they did it with months of advance planning and an 11-page Google doc! 

Listen  here!



Darren Nicholson of Balsam Range and Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters Talk Travel


Darren Nicholson of Balsam Range and Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters tell us about what life is like as traveling musicians and break down some perceptions of what it is like on the road.

Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters were on a European tour to England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, and The Netherlands this past summer and both Darren and Amanda talk about travel, food and life as a road warrior! 

Listen here!




Tess Vigeland Returns From Her Soul-Expanding Adventure

In late 2015, Tess Vigeland embarked on a remarkable journey. Home now, she talks about her lessons learned, the logistics of travel, the experience of being an expat and her midlife philosophical journey.

Tess visited 20 countries in two years and eight months, finishing up with her time abroad in Maldives, Australia, Brunei, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and South Korea.

Find out what Tess misses about her life in Bangkok and what she's enjoying now that she's back stateside.

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