Take A Little Extra Battery Power With You

A Portable Charger is One of the BEST Travel Accessories


A battery charger is a must-have when you travel! You just plug it in before you leave for your trip until it’s fully charged and then pop it into your purse or carry-on bag. 

When your phone or tablet starts to deplete, it doesn’t matter where you are – you can plug in to the portable charger and get going again. I love having the security of not running out of juice!

And now you can find a really cool product called Fuel Rod. They’re available in several vending locations at the Asheville Regional Airport.

For just $20, you can buy a charger with all the necessary adapters and USB cord.

And the good news is that you can recharge it yourself for reuse, or exchange it for a fully charged unit at any Fuel Rod dispenser at airports across North America.

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Tina Kinsey
Asheville Regional Airport
Dir. of Marketing, PR & Air Service Development