Dayna Reggero Travels the World to Help Our World!

Travel is one of the most intuitive ways of feeding your soul. Experiencing places you’ve never been impacts your worldview and the way you establish and maintain that view. It changes the ways you view the human race, and the environment, and really can become the catalyst for solving the world’s most pressing issues.

Dayna Reggero of The Climate Listening Project and The Story We Want, is a savvy, smart woman who is making an impact in helping us understand what climate change means to real people through real stories. 

She has traveled to work, study or explore all over the world as a filmmaker and storyteller for the environment for 20 years. 

Dayna has traveled to Australia, Ecuador, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Fiji, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Virgin Islands, Canada, and 45 of the United States. She traveled to Belize to film The Wood Thrush Connection documentary as part of The Climate Listening Project and lived in Ecuador for three months when she was 17 years old, and she volunteered for three months in Italy in a newly preserved forest in the Italian Alps.

 The Climate Listening Project is a series of hopeful conversations on climate and community. The project began in Asheville, NC and she has traveled around the Southeast, across the US, and around the world.


Dayna's newest venture is The Story We Want - a new film series filmed in eight states across America, featuring women who are confronting pollution, climate change impacts, and a culture of extraction.

Learn how we can all participate in helping connect people globally and right in your own backyard to help our environment and make a difference for all future generations. 

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