Tailgating Down South with Doc Lawrence

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Doc Lawrence of Down South Today is the king of tailgating and he shares with us how tailgating is evolving and growing into a phenomenon of epic proportions! Beginning in the Civil War... (yes... that's correct... the CIVIL WAR!), tailgating found its way from the battlefield to the college football field... well, more like the college football parking lot and beyond! Food, beverages, fabulous hospitality and entire communities come together to create an atmosphere of fun and fellowship. We're talking about true Americana here. A celebration where fans gather peacefully, wearing colors associated with their favorite teams and welcome everyone to the table (tailgate)! Today, it's just as much a part of a game day Saturday in Athens, Georgia as Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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This fall, Tailgating Down South will visit the great campus stadiums of the ACC and SEC with a few surprises. Doc and his team welcome recipes and favorite wine and cocktail suggestions. Down South Today will give you full credit as they choose the best submissions. Contact Doc at editors@docsnews.com.

Check Doc out and learn more about Tailgating Down South by visiting downsouthtoday.blogspot.com

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