I Went To MerleFest and Got A Really Great T-Shirt!


I’ve lived in Western North Carolina for 40 years and had never been to MerleFest until a few weeks ago. I always WANTED to go, but each year came and went and I was never able to get it together to get up there. This is the thing about travel sometimes and I’m as guilty of this as anyone…. Because I had never been, I worried how would I pull off going? Where would I stay? What would it be like?

I’m here today to tell you when I set my mind to going, (Kris Kristofferson was a headliner and I really, really wanted to see him in person) I was able to put a plan in action, be patient, make connections, put all the pieces together over a three-month period, and see the plan unfold in my favor! It all worked out and I had a blast! Am I ever sorry I waited all these years!

Photo Credit Jim Gavenus

Photo Credit Jim Gavenus

MerleFest is one of the most organized music events I’ve ever attended with an amazing lineup of talent. This was the 31st year and I would venture to say the festival’s four day audience exceeded at least 80,000 participants. But I never felt overwhelmed by the crowd. Everyone was so nice and friendly and certainly knew how to have a good time. 


MerleFest is like a big camp for musicians and music fans held on the campus of Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, with no alcohol! The festival originated as a simple, loving idea to cultivate the campus gardens and overtime grew to honor the memory of Doc Watson’s son Eddy Merle Watson and become a celebration of music based on the traditional, roots-oriented sounds of our Appalachian region.

Some highlights of MerleFest 2018 are included in the conversations I had with some of this year’s performers in their element.

You just can’t come away from MerleFest without hearing so much great music and seeing so many talented musicians. I had an incredible time and plan on returning again and again. And I got a great t-shirt! Sometimes you have to go for it. 

Listen here for some great conversations and incredible music!