Bella Italia!

Buongiorno! Thinking about going to Italy?  I’m pretty sure I could come up with at least a hundred different reasons why you should visit Italy. I’ve been twice and to be honest, I think I could probably live there! It seems as though visiting Italy is a bucket list entry for a lot of folks so you might as well give it a go!

I love the idea of going to Italy with someone who really knows the country. Mark Gordon Smith founded Private Italy Tours in 2003 and has traveled across Italy for over 35 years.


His company, Private Italy Tours, presents small group tours of Italy through its most beautiful and inspiring regions so you can discover the art, the history, the food and the people that are Italy.

Imagine your own villa. Cooks who prepare your meals. Private guides. Exceptional hotel accommodations. Full time bilingual tour leaders. You can actually experience Italy at the pace of Italian life. They provide all the support while you enjoy bella Italia; your own private tour of Italy.

So go! Discover and explore a world of seclusion and retreat where all you really have to is show up. Let's go to Italy! 

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