Let's Grow Hemp!


Industrial hemp is making a comeback as a cash crop. Two players are stepping up their game right here in Western North Carolina. HempX and Franny’s Farm formed a strategic partnership and began with growing two acres of hemp. They are providing new leadership and guidance for potential hemp farmers across the South. 

In June, Franny's Farm, located in the lovely countryside of Leicester, NC, hosted  Hemp Hootenanny, a celebration of a once-illegal crop now allowed under regulated pilot programs. 

Blake Butler, co-founder of Asheville’s hemp movement HempX, helped organize the event held during Hemp History Week. HempX is fast becoming a voice for the hemp growing industry and working with farmers to learn about the hemp landscape.


When you think of all the things you can do with hemp and all the products you can create — from soap to houses and many, many things in between, hemp is helping farmer entrepreneurs all across this region create demand, economic activity and jobs.

Sooner than later, hemp will be huge in the US, and that will have a domino effect all around the world in a lot of ways.

Make your voice heard to support farmers! 

Find out more with my interview with Franny and and Marty Clemons, President of the NC Industrial Hemp Association.

Visit VoteHemp.com/cropreport for more information.