Planning Your Ground Transportation

When you travel by air, once you arrive at your destination airport, do you know what kind of ground transportation you will be taking? 


There are often many options – a hotel shuttle, rental cars, taxis, buses, private cars, or app-ride providers, like Uber or Lyft.

It’s a good idea to visit your destination airport’s website to learn the layout of the ground transportation areas. Your choice of ground transportation may be available in different areas of the airport.

For instance, at Asheville Regional Airport, traditional ground transportation, such as taxis, shuttles and private car services, pick up on one end of the terminal, while app-ride providers pick up passengers on the opposite end of the airport. 

A little research ahead of time can help make that part of your journey more efficient and smooth.

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Tina Kinsey
Asheville Regional Airport
Dir. of Marketing, PR & Air Service Development