Be a Savvy Traveler: Bring Along Pen and Paper

Be a savvy traveler and your trips will be smooth and easy.


In the era of Smart Phones, we sometimes forget the value of paper and pen.

Consider this… after a long day of travel you find your phone battery has died? What if you discover this just as you pop into your Uber to make your way to your hotel? 

Was all of the hotel information stored in your mobile device?

It’s a good idea to create a “Cheat Sheet” of key information you can tuck into your wallet before a trip. Things to consider for this important document:

·      Hotel name and address and phone number / confirmation number

·      Airline and flight information

·      Emergency contact numbers (who remembers phone numbers anymore?)

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Tina Kinsey
Asheville Regional Airport
Dir. of Marketing, PR & Air Service Development