Summer is a Busy Time

Summer Is A Busy Time So Plan Accordingly!


Summer is a very busy travel time, and you should plan accordingly. So be sure to reserve enough time for the unexpected.

Arrive early to the airport and avoid the frustration and anxiety that can come from feeling rushed to find parking. 

Be aware that lines may be longer than you expect, both at the ticket counter and at the TSA check-point.  Again, plan for enough time.

If you have checked in for your flight on-line or in the airline’s mobile app, and not checking a bag, you can bypass the ticket counter check-in and head straight to security screening.  Just make sure you have your ID and boarding pass ready.

A little extra time can transform a travel experience from frustrating to smooth and easy.

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Tina Kinsey
Asheville Regional Airport
Dir. of Marketing, PR & Air Service Development